What is JustBet
JustBet is the first-ever completely self-sustaining fully autonomous gaming platform running on Polygon Layer 2 network. JustBet is built not only for creating a completely fair playing experience, but also for sharing the majority of its winnings with its users in order to create a self-sustaining, long term, engagement model that no other platform can offer.
Every other gaming platform in the world, even those purporting to be “decentralised,” are operated by a centralised authority. These centralised authorities decides how much to keep in reserve and can make changes as they desire in gaming rules, payouts, profit taking etc.
The result is a lack of business and transactional transparency that leads to increased capital risk. What happens, for example, if this centralised authority becomes insolvent, without enough in reserve to pay for unexpected, large wins?
The situation above is not possible with the JustBet platform. Featuring tamper-proof payouts, the JustBet platform(distributed gaming, smart contracts and protocols) has no centralised operator. It is fully decentralised and autonomous, with no human interaction required, creating an ecosystem “where everyone is a WINR.”
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