2.2 Revenue and Reserve Algorithms
Every gaming platform should have the capital liquidity to be able to pay any possible winnings, even unexpected large wins. Every protocol that is handling a game should always be solvent. In other words, every smart contract should have funds before it lets people bet and before it can issue winnings.
The JustBet platform handles winning settlements which are made instantly through the blockchain and transaction settlements are fast and cheap (low gas fees) because of the deployment on Polygon network.
The built-in algorithm of each JustBet game protocol assesses the total amount of money that is being played in order to determine the minimum reserve that must be held to retain liquidity.
This liquidity is then calculated daily into a total result of 20% house reserves, and a total amount of 80% airdrop distribution to users staking WINR and users buying lottery tickets.
Any funds over the revenue are treated as winning for distribution in a future period. This winning is calculated at the end of each period which lasts for 24 hours (a single day).
After the period, winnings are distributed to winning airdrops and lottery contracts. The revenue and reserve algorithm which is operated by the built-in central algorithm ensures that the game keeps enough in reserve based upon game completion and total roll up totals at the end of each 24 hour period.
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