How does JustBet work?

The JustBet protocol operates autonomously with pre-built algorithms for each game — based on the amount a player has wagered the user will automatically mint native WINR tokens on the platform at a rate pre-determined by a logarithmic minting formula for each minting round until the token reaches max supply. Each time a user wagers, their total amount wagered will be converted into a number of WINR tokens. This is what is referred to as Proof-of-Wagering.
While playing JustBet games, users automatically mine WINR tokens!
The gaming platform is designed with a minting formula designed to optimize payouts based upon user wagers and participation. The reward for each bet is WINR tokens. These WINR tokens can then be staked to share in the house “airdrops” or use their WINR tokens to purchase lottery tickets.
Each of the games is designed to leverage the same minting formula so that there is fair gaming for all users, and where all WINRs earned are paid based upon a common Bet Amount (as described in the minting section).