2. The Daily Airdrop Contract
Users that want to stake their WINR tokens to become eligible for winnings from the daily airdrop must stake their WINR tokens, which triggers a transaction to deposit their tokens on the airdrop contract.
The airdrop contract automatically assigns a unique signature, or hash ID, to every staking address and then airdrops winnings to the addresses according to the percentage of WINR tokens staked by the user.
The amount of winnings an address receives is calculated by the following equation:
The total amount of WINR tokens the address staked / The total amount of WINR tokens that are staked * The Amount to be paid out
For example:
Total Staked by 1 address: 1,000 WINR tokens
Total Tokens Staked : 10,000 WINR
Total Airdrop: 1 BTC
Therefore 1000/10,000*1= 0.10 BTC
Rewards will automatically be deposited daily to their MetaMask wallets.
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