The Minting formula explained with walkthrough (in english)
The minting formula consists of 8 variables, each of which is calculated or pre-set to generate the minting that occurs each game play. The primary principles for the mining formula are as follows:
  • There are 9 rounds of minting WINR tokens
  • Each round mints a decreasing amount of WINR tokens per gameplay
  • Tokens are minted based upon the amount a person gambles. The more they gamble the more they earn
  • The WINR tokens are minted on a Standard Logarithmic Curve, not linearly, so that it encourages people to gamble more to earn more WINRS and then curving so that the increase slows down as people gamble more.
The model is designed to mint as follows:
  • Betting $1 increasing to $100 will increase the WINR payouts on the upward sloping first half
  • Betting $100 to $200 (max bet) will mint WINR tokens at a slower pace as a person increases their bet
The image provided above demonstrates how the logarithmic curve yields WINR based upon the notional WINR value (for example between 3 and 15 minted for round 1) interpolated from the larger sample size of the USD bet amounts (between $1 and $200).
The follow steps address how the mining formula generates the results step by step. We will use the following data for the basis of the example walkthrough for each of the steps that follow below using Round 1 as the example:Example Data used for calculating the example walkthrough
Following are the steps and walkthrough of the formula and how these variables are related.
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