Overview of the variables used to calculate the amount of WINR minted
The minting process is designed with a variety of 8 variables in total, each of which is outlined below:
  • Bet Amount: Because users are also able to participate in games using a variety of different coins (ETH, wBTC etc), the minting formula also uses Chainlink Price Feeds to enable all results be tied back to a constant value in USD which is a key variable required to ensure fair minting results for all participants.
  • Interpolation of WINR Paid from USD Bet Amount: Within each phase there are is a minimum and maximum amount that can be bet which has to correspond to a min and max and can be minted. Because the betting amount is not 1-to-1 with the minting amount, it is necessary to interpolate the notional (or linear) minting value of WINR based upon the bet amount that takes place
  • Logarithmic curve for minting: WINR tokens yield on based upon a logarithm to reward users on a curve rather than in a linear fashion. This ensures that users are able to be rewarded WINR tokens for their ongoing participation fairly.
  • Additional variables used are multipliers specific for each game, promotional events(when applicable), NFT bonus for people holding an NFT, referrals and top player bonuses
The follow sections outline how the minting formula is generated step by step.
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