Overview of the minting phases
There are a total of nine phases where tokens will be minted with a decreasing number of tokens mintable per game play over the 9 phases. The model is designed to decrease and then increase the total number of tokens available within each phase which is aligned to projected platform growth and allow later phases to run for similar periods of time as more users are using the platform.
Players who participate in early phases can accumulate more tokens than those participating in later phases. WINR tokens will continue to mint and be distributed until all tokens have been disbursed. After the 9th phase of token minting has occurred, any tokens stored in reserve from lottery purchases will be minted every time the token reserve pool hits 1M tokens. This will keep players highly engaged, as there will constantly be more tokens to earn from gameplay and platform participation.
The model below shows the number of WINR tokens available per phase with the current min and max USD value bets. The max bet amounts can be increased over time should there be sufficient demand for higher stakes and if there is sufficient liquidity on the platform.Minting rounds for WINR tokens
The Min and Max WINR payouts are represented in a notional value, meaning that these are the minimum and maximum amounts that would be paid out in accordance with the mining formula in a linear fashion (however, its important to note that these values are necessary in order to calculate a non-linear payout ratio).
The formula explanation and details below will further elaborate on how these WINR notional values are used and why they are critical to the computation of actual WINR amounts paid out using a logarithmic non-linear calculation to mint tokens.
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