2. Token Minting and Lottery Pool Relationship
There are a total of nine phases where tokens will be minted with a decreasing amount of tokens that can be minted per Bet Amount.
Therefore, players who participate in early phases can anticipate more tokens per gameplay than those participating in later phases. However, there should equally be larger airdrops as the platform grows and expands. Therefore there is an inverse relationship between early adaptors who will earn more WINRs and the airdrops which will increase as the platform grows.
WINR will continue to mint and be distributed until all tokens have been disbursed. After the 9th phase of token minting has occurred, any tokens stored in reserve from lottery purchases will be minted every time the token reserve pool hits 1M tokens.
Token distribution rounds follow this pattern:
  • The WINR spent to buy lottery tickets will be saved in the lottery contract until the end of the 9 minting rounds
  • When WINR reaches total supply, these WINRs in the lottery reserve will be distributed with minting periods at each 1 million WINRs
  • After the 9 minting rounds are completed, the payout ratio will be randomly selected from one of the previous 9 rounds. The amount of WINR paid per day will become variable. With this feature, the minting will continue forever
  • The WINR minting also considers incorporates the Top Player Bonus (a multiplier applied to those who wagered the most in the previous 5 minutes) and a Referral Bonus (for users who have referred friends or others to use the platform).
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